JK106-hi-resOne of the UK’s favorite folk musicians, John Kirkpatrick, is heading to Bridport with a show that rediscovers the music of the Victorian era that was made by the people of the land.

Based on the TV Series Victorian Farm the event will reflect on the joy and struggles of the farming the seasons from autumn to spring. It’s a programme of songs that are funny and moving, some will be recognisable while others will be more of a surprise. They all showcase John’s talent, warmth and great knowledge about the history of folk music.

It’s a pleasure to welcome John back to Bridport, Programme Manager, Margie Barbour, describes him as “Funny and with a story for all occasions, like a favorite much loved uncle”.

John is a real champion of traditional folk music, if you’ve never seen him before do come and give it a try, you’re likely to walk away feeling like you’ve made a real discovery.

Saturday 12 October, 7.30pm. Tickets: £12 adult/ £10 members and concessions from Bridport Arts Centre 01308 424204 or online here.