Year 5 pupils from St Catherine’s Primary school were the first to sample the new Gallery Morning events for schools at Bridport Arts Centre recently led by artist and teacher Clare Winterbottom.

The class visited the Marshwood Vale Magazine Arts Awards 2013 in the Allsop gallery which featured painting, sculpture, pottery, textiles, photography and design. After looking round the show and voting for their own favourites in each category, the children designed their own art works using charcoal which they then displayed.

Class teacher Jo Foster said “I thought the session was excellent and well pitched at my year group. The children loved it.”

The children were equally enthusiastic . One pupil said “All of it has inspired me to become an artist. I want to learn much more and study many famous art works” whilst another commented “I learnt that art wasn’t just about drawing and painting.”

Further Gallery Morning Sessions will be held in 2014. For details or to request a visit, please contact Kate Wilson, the Arts Centre’s Learning Coordinator on

Image: Children from St Catherine’s Primary enjoying their visit to the Allsop gallery