Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.00.47Parlor Dance have loved being back in Bridport after their visit last May when we brought ‘Close Distance’ to the arts centre which was supported by a ‘Dance a Day’ curtain raiser.

This week has been quite a different experience as we are in a research and development process exploring ideas for our next full touring piece ‘Home from Home’ which is studying ‘care’ and impact of care in various contexts. The next work will consist of three different pieces of work to include duet and trio work by the company’s professional dancers and one actor; Richard Headon who co-runs ‘Desperate Men’, a street theatre company based in Bristol.

This part of the company’s development has allowed us one week to explore the nature of each piece of work; so really the very starting ideas for the work we want to create; the bones of a structure, which will lead to a sharing of work on Saturday night where we are looking forward to receiving feedback and thoughts about what people have seen. This feedback will directly impact the company’s full creation period in winter 2014; which will lead to the work touring across the UK in Spring 2015.

So, this week has been about physical play. As the Artistic Director of the company I am interested in how people work together and this feels very in tune with the nature of ‘care’ and the subject that we are approaching. My main focus of this week is to start playing with the type of movement we have wanted to engage with; what dynamic we have wanted to push and the types of impact and imagery we are projecting to an audience. I am also interested in what else needs to be happening within the space as the movement happens and it will be interesting to see what the thoughts of the audience will be post performance on Saturday. Whilst making work I am also thinking about what else exists alongside it; so I am very much thinking about sound, text and visuals to tie the theme of the show together.

It’s been a great week with many creative thoughts bouncing around my head whilst trying to tie them together in some form! I hope many of you out there in Bridport and beyond will help share and shape our work this coming Saturday 25th at the arts centre. We look forward to seeing you!

Helen Parlor