Internet of Cars: Turning your car into a data carrier

weekend-004This series of exhibitions and events will explore and debate the use and misuse of cars in everyday life through the lens of visual arts. Responding creatively to data and research derived from traffic flow analysis in Dorset and Hampshire using automated number plate reading (ANPR), six artists will show work alongside the results of a research project, Sixth Sense Transport, investigating online promotion of a social and shared space for people who use cars and want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Using data from ANPR cameras on A354 between Dorchester and Weymouth and similar cameras in Southampton city centre, artists have created their own scenarios for the exhibition. Simon Hollington & Kypros Kyprianou in The Car That Turned… and Steve Beard and Victoria Halford in Router have created their own futuristic road movies. Stanza in The Agency at the end of Civilization, Duncan Shingleton in Flows and Ivar van Bekkum and Esther Polak in Fronting Motion all use the data as it is gathered in real time to create visual and sound pieces that focus on traffic build up, carbon emissions and patterns of car usage.

We’re proud to be showing these international artists as well as hosting a special screening of Jean Luc Godard’s acclaimed film Weekend. Each of the artists’ pieces has been specially commissioned and premiered for the show.

13 – 23 May

Special Events

Film Screenings: 16 May, 7 – 9.30pm, FREE

Weekend, Jean Luc Godard and artists’ films from the project.

Car(bon)Mart: 17 May, 2014 10.30am – 2pm, FREE

A demonstration of some of the research from Sixth Sense Transport including Scalextrics, mobile phone apps and hands on workshop. Just drop in and see what’s happening.