EOS Vincent van Gogh ¸ Seventh Art Productions & Annelies van der Vegt-42We’re inviting all art lovers to come and enjoy a groundbreaking new series that will offer the opportunity to marvel and delight in some of history’s greatest paintings. You can expect to see work by Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Degas and Renoir in our cinema in stunning high definition this spring.

EOS_ Vincent van Gogh- Jamie de Courcey Head Shot ¸ Seventh Art Productio...Exhibition on Screen brings exhibitions from galleries around the world to over 1000 cinemas in 30 countries. Produced by award-winning director, Phil Grabsky you can expect to see paintings and behind the scenes tours where you will discover what lies behind the exhibition creatively and technically and what the artwork reveals about the artist and the particular historical period.

The first screening at the Arts Centre will be Vincent Van Gogh – A New Way of Seeing, 14 April, 7.30pm. With exclusive access to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam it explores the dramatic story and iconic work of the worlds most beloved artist. The film marks both a major re-showing of the gallery’s collection and a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death. With exclusive new research revealing incredible recent discoveries, the Van Gogh Museum has helped craft a cinema experience like no other.

Following on from this there will be a chance to uncover the story of The Impressionists on the 27 April, 7.30pm. From the Musée du Luxembourg Paris, National Gallery London and Philadelphia Museum of Art, this screening will offer an opportunity to get closer to works by some of the worlds’s most popular artists including Monet, Cezanne, Degas and Renoir. It will look at the works, and that of their contemporaries and ask why they fetch tens of millions of dollars around the globe. But who were they really? Why & how exactly did they paint? What lies behind their enduring appeal?

Tickets for the Exhibition on Screen shows are available online of from our box office, please stop by or call 0138 424204 for more details.