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Bridport’s film festival is back in town with an extraordinary programme celebrating cinema; the art form that brings you the unexpected.



Bridport’s From Page To Screen Film Festival is back with a stunning programme of over 20 adaptations being screened from Wednesday 26 to Sunday 30 April.

From Page To Screen 2023 is thrilled that this April’s programme is curated by the double Academy Award winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton whose outstanding career in adaptation spans five decades from A Doll’s House in 1973 to his current release, The Son.

Bridport Arts Centre, and it’s renowned international writing competition the Bridport Prize, which inspired the creation of this unique film festival, also mark their 50th anniversary. To honour this half century milestone, our 11am and 2pm slots double-bill the creative explosion of European and Hollywood New Wave pictures, our 5pm screenings delve into the delicate craft of adapting From Stage To Screen, and our evening presentations of the best recent adaptations opens with a preview of The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry.

With fascinating guest speakers throughout, including an exploration of adaptation between our curator and the broadcaster Francine Stock, and a Q&A with director Richard Eyre on his latest release Allejlujah, our 2023 line-up spans Christopher Hampton’s distinguished career from cinema’s most transformative decade, to the exciting, current possibilities film still offers.

We look forward to seeing you at the From Page To Screen festival and thank you for helping us to celebrate this special anniversary with twenty-one carefully curated films that remind us of the importance and power of the shared cinema experience.

Film tickets can either be purchased on the Bridport Arts Centre or the The Electric Place website based on the venue showing the film.

You can also book tickets by visiting our box office at Bridport Tourist Information Centre, or you can call us on 01308 424901.

Find out more about the From Page To Screen festival by clicking the link below.

From Page To Screen Website

View full festival listings here

Festival Offers

All morning and early afternoon films for £25.50 (50% Discount)

Watch all 10 films screening between 11 am and 2 pm and save yourself up to £25.50

How do I activate this offer?

Simply log in to your account (or sign up), select your seats, and watch as our system applies discounts automatically.

You can also book tickets by visiting our box office at Bridport Tourist Information Centre, or you can call us on 01308 424901.

Guest Curator Christopher Hampton

 “Adapting for the screen, whether it be a novel, a stage play, a biography, a historical event or a newspaper article, presents its own particular problems, perhaps more technical, but in no way less intricate than writing an original screenplay.  I’ve spent decades ruminating on these issues, without necessarily having reached any firm conclusions, though I do by now, I suppose, have a few tentative suggestions. I’m delighted at the opportunity to visit Bridport to be able to kick some of these suggestions around.” – Christopher Hampton


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