Bridport FM Broadcast Week 2012

Bridport FM took to the airwaves from 17 to 23 September 2012 on 87.7FM and online via the Arts Centre website. In that time we:

. broadcast 47 hours of original “Made in Bridport” material
. had 77 studio guests over 7 days
. had 32 different presenters / interviewers ranging in age from 15 to over 70
. had 6 original dramas
. broadcast specially created songs from 7 local schools
. had live opera, singing, cello, ukelele and guitar
. tackled a whole range of subject matter from local bands to choirs and tango, food to recycling and sports clubs, World War 2 memories to family history and lots more besides
. 517 people listened online to 1,796 sessions totalling 726 hours of online listening
. people listened from across the world from countries as diverse as Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway, Greece, The Russian Federation, Spain, France, Switzerland, Ireland, the USA and Australia

What Next for Radio in Bridport?

A “what shall we do next” meeting was held on Monday 8 October to discuss the future of Bridport FM.  Based on the success of the September broadcast, everyone present was in favour of working towards another broadcast week. The Arts Centre are keen for this to happen during 2014 as it ties in with the centre’s 40th anniversary. However, the feeling was that if it is possible to raise enough money before, we would try to do another week in September 2013. To this end, we have given ourselves 6 months (to end of March 2013) to try to raise the £10,000 needed. We are currently aiming to get a fundraising group together and anyone who has ideas for raising money – either by putting on events / sponsorship / sales etc. is asked to get in touch with Kate Wilson on

All images by Sally Stone.

 Elise Miles and Tom Glover presenting their Comedy Writing programme with producer Georgie Green (standing)

Studio guests Dominic Knorpel from Dorset POPP with students from Beaminster school and teacher Nick Marsh. Studio technician Ryan Halsey in background.

Studio technician Ryan Halsey driving the desk