GERALDINE DURRANT on PIRATE GRAN Pirates, parrots and paint…

Geraldine DurrantYou never expect life to change while you are watching paint dry, but that’s exactly what happened to me. One minute I was trying to decide if the living room wall really needed another coat of magnolia and the next Pirate Gran had bounded into my brain, and refused to leave until I had written her down.

I thought eureka moments happened to other people. But there was Pirate Gran – as large as life and twice as naughty – demanding to be let loose on the world. She was irresistibly funny and feisty, and what’s more she very thoughtfully brought her story with her.

I’m sure there are writers whose brains ache with the effort of imagining what happens next… But I could see Pirate Gran as clearly as I could see, well as clearly as I could see that magnolia paint, and somehow I knew exactly what she and her silly shipmates had been up to. Continue reading