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Exhibition 11 May - 15 June

Drawn In

What is drawing? A new exhibition at Bridport Arts Centre called ‘Drawn In’ invites viewers to explore a variety of approaches to drawing by nine artists from London, East Anglia and the South West.

Some artists use traditional materials such as the beautiful large charcoal drawings of ‘littoral litter’ found along the coast, by Jindra Jehu who has also curated this exhibition. Helen Dean uses pen and ink to create minutely observed landscapes of the structure of places such as Stair Hole at Lulworth Cove.

Others, however, will challenge viewers’ understanding of what drawing can be. Penny Brice uses sound as a creative response to the material presence of places. Caroline Chourou has created an installation using ‘drawing’ as a means to think and a tool to channel memory, and she includes three-dimensional structures in her work. Karen Wood uses a scalpel to draw, and cuts into electrical tape in her work which is focused on the urban environment.

Many artists’ drawings are about nature. Zara McQueen uses collage in her carefully drawn landscapes whereas Antonia Phillips peels away layers of the natural world in her drawings leaving delicate linear and quite abstract structures. Jo Saurin celebrates movement in nature but her drawings disrupt the rational visual experience of nature focusing on the mystery and unknown.

Paul Carpenter, an illustrator from London, is displaying wonderfully observed drawings of people at work. So there is something for everyone to enjoy, as well as work to stimulate a new idea of what ‘drawing’ can be.


Workshops to Accompany ‘Drawn In’ Exhibition 


Exploring Colour with industrial Materials – Saturday 11 May, 11am-1pm

Drawing with Electrical Tape & Children’s scissors

Children’s workshop Minimum age 5 (under 10s must be accompanied by an adult)/ Maximum participants 12 Price £5

Experimental Drawing and Printmaking   Thursday 30 May, 11-1pm

Led by Helen Dean, accomplished artist and experienced art educator. A fun workshop where you will be invited to experiment with materials and explore ways of seeing. Suitable for all levels of experience.                                          

Max participants 12/ £10 adults   £5 children (Minimum age 10)

Dinner & show offer

Enjoy an evening at Bridport Art Centre’s Pantry Restaurant.

*A pre Show Supper is available with this event* 

The menus will be published alongside the event two weeks before the show. Vegetarian options available.

There will be an option to add your supper to your cart when you book the event. 

£14.95 two course /£17.95 three course 

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