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Music Friday 11 December, 2020 8:00pm

Jazz in the Theatre December £12

Jazz in the Theatre December £12

Andy Williamson and Philip Clouts

Andy Williamson plays soulful tunes on the tenor sax and sings a wide variety of blues songs.

Andy has performed with Tom Robinson, Suggs, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, and even at Buckingham Palace. In addition he has played sax (sometimes while abseiling) with the Honkin’ Hep Cats, formed the Big Buzzard Boogie Band with Ned Bennett, and also directs the Bristol Jazz Festival Chorus. He often performs with poet Matt Harvey, recently taking the Bridport Literary Festival by storm.

Andy has performed ambitious works with large ensembles at the Bristol Jazz festival; a while ago it was Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert, and last year the Gershwin Spectacular, a jazz oratorio featuring vocalist Jacqui Dankworth.

His versatile style on saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone) and voice creates an interesting, eclectic and highly enjoyable performance, which will be complemented by Philip Clouts at the piano.


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Dinner & show offer

Enjoy an evening at Bridport Art Centre’s Pantry Restaurant.

*A pre Show Supper is available with this event* 

The menus will be published alongside the event two weeks before the show. Vegetarian options available.

There will be an option to add your supper to your cart when you book the event. 

£14.95 two course /£17.95 three course 


“Andy Williamson honks and squeaks into his golden horn whilst “walking the bar”-the saxman’s equivalent of Chuck Berry’s “duck walk”. 

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