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Exhibition 2 March - 4 May

Philip Sutton: My Shakespeare

Bridport Arts Centre’s Honorary Patron, Philip Sutton (RA), is returning in 2019 with an exhibition of his works on Shakespeare.

Philip Sutton has been a strong supporter of the Globe Theatre which was established through his friendship with the architect Theo Crosby and the American actor Sam Wanamaker. Sam spent many years in the 50s trying to get the Globe Theatre off the ground, which Philip supported by producing posters becoming a friend of the project.

Henry V is a strong influence for Philip’s work on Shakespeare:

I realised that Henry V, Elizabethan England and the battle of Agincourt was a good beginning for me. It has been a great revelation to translate that particular part of English history. One thing that struck me about Henry V marching his army through France was the 15,000 men that travelled through the countryside, farmers and people around about would have remained undisturbed”.

Shakespeare kaleidoscopes history. Here is a man who can take historic facts, juggle them around and reassemble them in a magical way, and who makes us believe in what he has done”.

To accompany the work there will be films, workshops and events happening:

The Tudors & Historical Fashion | Monday 4 March 
Philip Sutton introduces the screening of Henry V | Friday 8 March 
Anonymous (Film) | Tuesday 26 March 
Gnomeo & Juliet (Film) | Sunday 31 March 
Shakespeare Acting Masterclass  for over 18s & under 18s | Wednesday 10 April 
RSC Screening – As You Like It | Wednesday 17 April
Shakespeare in Love (Film) | Thursday 2 May 




Dinner & show offer

Enjoy an evening at Bridport Art Centre’s Pantry Restaurant.

*A pre Show Supper is available with this event* 

The menus will be published alongside the event two weeks before the show. Vegetarian options available.

There will be an option to add your supper to your cart when you book the event. 

£14.95 two course /£17.95 three course 


“How wonderful to see the world through Philip Sutton’s eyes”

“I love this exhibition – the first I have seen of his work. Am hooked!”

“I have come three times to Philip Sutton at 90 at the Arts Centre – love it. More please…”

Quotes from people who came to Philip Sutton at 90