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Music Friday 23 March, 2018 8:00pm


Samswara – Jon Sterckx (tabla) and Ricky Romain (sitar) have been

Indian music lovers will enjoy an evening of engaging and dynamic performance that begins with slow, meditative melodies unfolding into complex exciting rhythmical interplay.

Voted ‘Best Group’ in the MTM South West & South Wales Asian & Ethnic Minorities Awards 2014.

‘Sam’ is the first beat of a taal, or Indian rhythmic cycle. It’s literal translation is ‘together’. It is around this beat that the musicians weave their virtuosic improvisations and intricate compositions, passing the music between them, with each Avartan, or cycle inspiring the next.

‘Swara’ are the notes of the Indian musical scale. The literal translation is ‘self shining forth’ – a strong feature of Indian music is of the performers bringing the music to life in the moment through spontaneous musical expression.

Samswara – together the self shines forth.

Dinner & show offer

Dinner & show offer

Enjoy an evening at Bridport Art Centre’s Pantry Restaurant.

*A pre Show Supper is available with this event* 

The menus will be published alongside the event two weeks before the show. Vegetarian options available.

There will be an option to add your supper to your cart when you book the event. 

£14.95 two course /£17.95 three course 

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