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Theatre Friday 28 September, 2018 8:00pm

This Is Not A Safe Space

Austerity isn’t over and the future looks grim, so how can we get people to sit up, listen and not keel over with empathy-fatigue?

Multi award-winning writer and comedian Jackie Hagan has a backstreet wit and council estate heart.  With her trademark warmth and humour, she explores the world of life on disability benefits, looting and losing out, doctors and psych wards, lads with rock hard bravados and mums who know the score – and the presumptions we make about it all.

Jackie has interviewed 80 people disabled by society, and the show features their real voices. These are not sob stories – they are well-rounded lives full of the spiky humour and pride in who they are and where they come from. Jackie weaves these narratives together with poetry and anecdotes, celebrating the weird, the wonky, the unruly, and the resilient.

Expect lots of laughter, maybe some tears, and one working class amputee steering the show.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts

The Southbank Centre recently interviewed Jackie for their latest podcast where she talks about This Is Not A Safe Space: 


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'If you're not political and you listen to normal people talking about hardship. It fires you up'
Dee Fenton, Bridport Arts Centre General Manager

‘…above all there is the fierce optimism and dogged determination to turn tragedy into something quirkily, crazily beautiful.’

Sabotage Reviews on Jackie Hagan

‘a luminous storyteller… Her direct, honest and optimistic style makes her instantly likeable’

Upstaged Manchester on Jackie Hagan

'This is the kind of stuff that made me want to do a theatre degree. IT shows that theatre is not just for middle class people and that it deals with real issues' Emma Foulsham, Bridport Arts Centre Box Office Administrator