the country team

Saturday 1st & 2nd July

Raising funds for Bridport Arts Centre

The Country Team is set in a South American country during the mid-1970s. For Henry Kissinger’s State Department the priority is to bolster military dictatorships across South America while actively pursuing commercial opportunities. Arlan Pederson Hoff, recently appointed as the United States Ambassador, confronts his senior career diplomats, the country team, for turning a blind eye to the killing machine unleashed beyond the fortified embassy. Deep conflicts within the embassy are brought into high relief with the appearance of a Manhattan marketing firm contracted to give the regime a make-over, and by a visiting American scholar intent on exploring the tense relations between followers of Liberation Theology and the Church. Unfolding events bring the country team face to face with the realities of a state-sponsored “dirty war”.

Directed by Miles Bell and written by Andrew Rutherford, The Country Team completes a trilogy, following sell-out performances of Blindspot (2014) and Counting the Birches (2015).