dogtown and the z boys (15)

93 mins











Dogtown and Z-Boys. A documentary which takes to the origins of skateboarding as we know it today through the eyes of a group of Californian surfers. In the 1960’s skateboarding was considered to be a fad by most people and by the 70’s its relative popularity had all but died out, aside from a few dedicated skaters in Santa Monica.

For the wave riders skateboarding started out as simply a pass time when there was no surf but became a sport in its own right over time. Word of local skate events quickly spread as their tricks, scruffy image and lifestyle inspired people to go and do what they were doing which ultimately made people like Jay Adams of the Zephyr Skate Team celebrities and pioneers of the extreme sports movement as we see in the film Dogtown and Z-Boys.

“Seventies nostalgists will have a field-day and the rest of us can marvel at a set of kids who were so cool they literally flew. Possibly the best documentary about youth and sport since Hoop Dreams.” Empire