the fits (12a)

70 mins

Set in a community center in urban Cincinnati, Toni (Royalty Hightower) is an 11-year-old tomboy following in her older brother’s footsteps by training as a boxer. But in the auditorium next to the boxing gym, an all-girl dance troupe represents another world she may be on the cusp of joining. The connecting hallway between the practice areas becomes a fraught crossroads in the journey toward Toni’s adult identity. Will it be boxing or dance, or both?

Complicating the already complicated throes of prepubescence, a wave of mysterious fainting spells and convulsions overtake the drill team girls one by one. Is it a virus, a poisoning or are the young women faking it as a way of setting themselves apart from one another in order to ultimately fit in?

“The Fits,” garnered widespread praise when it premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival, and became an official selection at Sundance as part of the 2016 festival’s program.

“Enter “The Fits,” a small film about big emotions, where adolescence feels as foreboding and mysterious as a psychological spy thriller.” Los Angeles Times