hint of lime productions – MRS ROOSEVELT FLIES TO LONDON


Written & performed by Alison Skilbeck Directed by Lucy Skilbeck

In October 1942, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the President, takes a dangerous trip to wartime London, to visit US troops, and see how the British women are coping.

In her last days, as the Cuban Missile Crisis pushes the world to the brink of final catastrophe, Eleanor relives her journey, from bomb-damaged Buckingham Palace to midnight factories. She also recalls her life, from unhappy child, to unconventional wife, to becoming, in President Truman’s words ‘First Lady of the World’.

Nominated for a Best Female Performance Offie Award for her performance, and granted special permission from the Roosevelt Estate to use Eleanor’s writings, Alison Skilbeck’s one-woman show explores the public and hidden life of one of the most extraordinary women of the 20th century.

“Outstanding Show! You will leave smiling and feeling that you have just had a private audience with an extraordinary woman.” Fringe Review