Join us as we go between St Mary’s Church and the Arts Centre for a play that isn’t a play and a wedding that isn’t quite a wedding, but with all the wobbles and warmth of both!

Richard is nervous, there is still no sign of his best man, Hilary is panicked, it’s her son’s wedding day and the whole thing is looking a little too ‘homemade’ for her liking, Peter is overjoyed; by some miracle he has made it, his daughter’s wedding day!

And June… well, where is June? We follow all as they muddle and bump through the traditions and rituals of their big day and lead us to midsummer’s eve; a night with it’s own traditions, but a
magical night when the unexpected can happen and the unaccepted are welcomed in.

Please note that this play moves and you, the audience… or rather our wedding guests move with it!

“Theatre Exchange’s site-specific, immersive show is a lovely, joyful thing.” Tom Wicker, The Stage

*please note this play starts at St Mary’s Hall