June 11th 1685. The Duke of Monmouth lands at Lyme Regis with 83 men to raise a Protestant army against James II, and begin what was to be England’s last rebellion against the Crown. Five weeks later and with a 3000-strong army swelled by dissenting men and women from Dorset, Monmouth prepared to fight the last ever pitched battle on English soil, and to take the first step towards modern democracy.

Produced by the Marine Theatre Lyme Regis, with Director and Musical Director team that created Burnt Out Theatre’s ‘Muscovado’ (Winner Alfred Fagon Audience Award 2015), five South West actors tell this story of Dorset’s heritage in a new play by writer for stage and screen Andrew Rattenbury (The Golden Hour, Doc Martin), with film projection and original live music by composer James Reynolds (“Dreamy choral harmonies” – Time Out)