Orchestre du Montplaisant is a baroque super group born in London in 2011, featuring Juste Voyant on guitar, Luke Warmcop on drums, Piro on bass and Graham Mushnik on accordion and organ.

They brings together world rhythms and moody cinematic moments playing blues and dance pieces, with notable influences from Congolese Soukous, African highlife, Ethiopian jazz, cumbia, whiff of Middle-East and Turkish Psychedelia.

”No one really knows who or what Orchestre Du Mont-Plaisant are exactly. 
Channeling an extraordinarily uplifting and utterly joyous concoction of Cumbia, Latin rhythm, Afro-Cuban guitars, and Arabic-flavoured organ, everyone in the audience tonight stops trying to fathom exactly what’s happening and just starts dancing. If you get the chance do go and see Orchestre Du Mont-Plaisant, go. There are few bands who have the ability to illicit such an immediate sense of merry revelry.”

Dreaming of Pop, 2014