Story cafe: Amy Douglas & Lucy Wells

Wild Edric – Hero under the Hill

Amy Douglas is a storyteller of integrity, wit and subtle humour. She has a tangible passion for stories and their enrichment that transcends time and place, celebrating the core of what it is to be human. Musician and artist Lucy Wells sees traditional story as the heartbeat of our connection with the natural world around us.

Together they bring us a tangled story of love and war, loss and redemption. Wild Edric is the scarred hero of the Welsh Marches. He is the guardian of the rugged wild land that creases and rears up into the Shropshire Hills. Storytelling, song and music combine to tell a tale that resonates in the bones of the land.

‘Enchanting, a marvellous patchwork, loved the humour and magic of the tale.’ Audience reaction to ‘Wild Eric’