Summer Holiday – Singalong (U)

107 mins

This was the first feature-length film for successful British director Peter Yates and it was also a winner, in part, because its star Cliff Richard was Britain’s hottest rock ‘n roll property in the early ’60s. The title song, in fact, climbed to No. 1 in the charts in Britain. The tale centers around Don (Richard) and his two friends as they take off in a double-decker London bus to travel around Europe and see the sights. Along the way from France to Greece they manage to give rides to a variety of interesting people — especially a few young women. They come across an itinerant troupe of entertainers and a young boy, who actually turns out to be a young woman hiding from her overbearing mother and her agent. Both the mother and the agent threaten to turn the “bus ride” into a disaster, yet the spirit of the young men and women overcome all obstacles, to the tune of several major production numbers.

All the great hits such as Dancing Shoes, Bachelor Boy and the well known Summer Holiday will have the lyrics on the screen for you to sing along to!