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DIVA – film pick from the Page to Screen Committee

As we approach the marvellous From Page to Screen Festival (24-28 April) we will take a moment to find out the committee’s flick of choice from the line up. First is Tristan Allsop, a new member of the committee who is one of the projectionist as Bridport Arts Centre. His film of choice is Diva which will be on during the festival on Thursday 25 April at 11am:

“This atmospheric thriller is about a young postal delivery boy, his obsession with an opera diva (a tall, black, gorgeous American soprano named Cynthia Hawkins and played by real life diva Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez), the bootleg tapes he makes of her performances, and the evil hoods who chase him down, thinking he has a tape that implicates them in a crime.

“With a delightful plot that is frequently bordering on the preposterous and put together out of elements that seem chosen for their audacity, this is a thriller that is more about how it looks than what happens in it. It’s an exhilarating film made for no better purpose than to surprise and fascinate. Now released in a restored print, it glistens in its original magnificence.

“Diva” has been referred to as the first French film in the post-New Wave cinema du look, defined by Wikipedia as a group of films “that had a slick visual style and a focus on young, alienated characters that were said to represent the marginalized youth of Francois Mitterrand’s France.” It was the look itself, rather than the content, that defined the films, and sometimes the plots seemed almost designed to create photographic opportunities”.

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