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Have you met Jane?

Jane Stevens is the Art Centre’s Development Assistant. As a charity, only 50% of our income comes from ticket sales and public subsidy. She is here to help us raise funds to continue our work.

Favourite thing about my job: the lovely team of people I work with – their dedication to the Arts Centre knows no bounds.

My role supports the team in ensuring a sustainable future for Bridport Art Centre.  In a world of diminishing funding we need to be more strategic about generating income so we can continue to provide a vibrant Art Centre for the Bridport community.  As a charity, we rely on a raft of activities to do this, from sponsorship and advertising to grants, events and legacies.  And you, our wonderful members, are central to our existence: we wouldn’t be here without you!  We do need to up our game though – if you have any ideas or wish to pursue fundraising activities yourself, I’d love to hear from you!  

The year ahead?  I feel enthusiastic, hopeful and optimistic (cautiously!) 

On a sunny day… I am likely to be searching out water to swim in – the sea, rivers, lakes, lidos, anything cool as I am hopeless at the heat! Failing that I’ll be in the shade of a tree somewhere with a good novel.

What can our members expect from you? If the Art Centre is to thrive we all need to work together more closely to generate income and I am here to help.  Whether you would like to find something out, discuss an idea or need help with a fundraiser, please always feel free to get in touch with me – I am part time but I promise to get back to you.


Have you met Jane? 1

If you would like to make a donation or would like to arrange a fundraiser on behalf of the Arts Centre please contact [email protected]

Alternatively you can make a donation or support a project online. 


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