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Discover how Bridport reacted to the end of the Great War

Join us for a show tells the story of how Bridport reacted to the end of the Great War.

Church bells rang again for the first time in four years and the Town Hall clock was re-started. The people of Bridport flocked together to give thanks in churches and on the streets as the bands played. But contemporary court reports tell of local tragedies, the cost of four years of war to ordinary people. The programme will include songs which draw on the experiences of war and dance. Margie Barbour and Debra Bates have put together a lively and original programme with a mix of literary and historical elements. 

A show with songs, poems and dance, and cooking on stage!

 The event is a fundraiser shared between the Bridport Arts Centre and the Royal British Legion.

When Tommy Came Marching Home Thursday 8 November 11.30am

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