Valuing the Arts

At Bridport Arts Centre we believe that the arts and culture greatly contribute to and strengthen our communities, wider society and economy.  In these difficult economic times it is vital that the arts sector and their supporters make as strong a case as possible for continuing public investment, to ensure that the many returns on that investment are not lost.

You can help by being vocal in your support, talking to people about what the arts mean to you and your community, writing to your MP or local councillors, or writing a letter to your local paper.

Below are some key points to help make our argument stronger.  You can find many more at the Arts Council England website.

You can also watch this video made by ACE, demonstrating the value of public investment in arts and culture – A Credit to Britain.

Why arts and culture are good value:

  • Britain’s cultural sector has boomed after sustained government investment.
  • Together, we have created world-class work, landmark institutions and quality education programmes.
  • Cultural events bring communities together and make our lives richer; we saw this in action at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, which drew on talent fostered by public investment.
  • The cultural sector also creates economic growth and jobs; it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy.
  • Continued public investment is vital to the whole sector, giving confidence to sponsors and private investors.
  • Arts and culture are relatively cheap to support, and bring big returns. The current investment is 14p per person per week; equal to less than 0.05 per cent of total government spending.


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