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Film Tuesday 25 March, 2025 7:30pm

EOS: Dawn of Impressionism: Paris, 1874

Dawn of Impressionism: Paris 1874
Directed by Ali Ray
Tickets: £12, Supp

The Impressionists are the most popular group in art history – millions flock every year to marvel at their masterpieces. But, to begin with, they were scorned, penniless outsiders.

1874 was the year that changed everything.

What led to that first ground breaking show 150 years ago? Who were the maverick personalities that wielded their brushes in such a radical and provocative way? The spectacular Musee d’Orsay exhibition brings fresh eyes to this extraordinary tale of passion and rebellion. The story is told not by historians and curators but in the words of those who witnessed the dawn of Impressionism; the artists, press and people of Paris, 1874.

Made in close collaboration with the Musee d’Orsay and National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.


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Meet the unique personalities behind the world's favourite art movement

See the show that changed everything on the big screen

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