Bridport Arts Newsletter

Supporting Creativity

We're a charity and the kind generosity of supporters like you means that we can provide life-changing creative opportunities. When you donate, you know that all of your money goes directly towards our ongoing programme of work for future generations.

I can give...
See what your money can get...


A gift of up to £50 could:

Provide a free ticket for a carer when they accompany an audience member with a disability to an event.


Your donation of £51-£100 could:

Subsidise a place in our Youth Theatre for a full term for a local young person aged 12-18.

Support a Dementia Friendly film screening for people with dementia, their family and carers.


A donation of £100-£500 could:

Help to mount a visual arts show in the Allsop Gallery, supporting local artists.

Support the delivery of activities for children and young people.


Your gift of £501 - £1000 could:

Support the costs of mounting an exhibition in the Allsop Gallery.

Cover the costs of a workshop delivered free to children in local schools.

Help to bring an important performance to Arts Centre audiences.


Your donation over £1000 could:

Cover the production costs of the next Youth Theatre performance.


Where does the money come from?

Public investment from Arts Council England, West Dorset County Council and Bridport Town Council equates to less than 20% of our income. Each year, with your help, we raise the vital funds we need to continue our work within the community.

18% – Public investment
32% – Ticket sales and theatre activity
4% –   Grants for community workshops
2% –   Visual arts
8% –   Raising funds from trading
13% – Fundraised income
23% – Bridport Prize Writing competition fundraising

What does the money get spent on?

BACStage Youth Theatre

Every week during term time, young people aged 12-18 make BAC their home for a few hours. BACStage is a safe and supportive space that helps develop their social and communication skills and build confidence. Some of the young people coming along today will be the theatre makers of tomorrow. Keeping BACStage fees less than £3 an hour for our young people costs BAC around £5,000 a year.

Visual Arts

It costs over £30,000 a year to run the Allsop Gallery and to keep it free to enter for all. This includes the costs of exhibitions, staff costs, and maintenance of the gallery space. We are committed to bringing high-quality and diverse visual arts shows to Bridport, and to supporting local artists to exhibit.

Shows and events

We firmly believe that our rural community deserves world-class arts and culture. The costs of work vary depending on the program every year, but we can expect to expend between £80,000 – £100,000 each year to bring to Bridport the theatre, dance, comedy, and music our audiences of all ages want to see


A BIG thank you to our Premium Supporters

Edward Burt – Felicity Fairbaim – Joanna Guy – John Mahoney – Mr Andy Littler – Mr John Grantham – Mr Michael Home Smith – Mr Peter Martin – Mrs G A Fowler – Ms Eleanor Pole – Ms Tanya Bruce-Lockhart