Bridport Arts Newsletter

Bridport Arts Centre Trustees

Barry Lovejoy - Chair of Directors, Bridport Arts Centre

Barry has lived in Bridport since 2013. Now retired he was previously a senior national trade union official for teachers in Further and Higher Education.

As well as being a trustee for two years Barry is involved in a number of local activities, including being a volunteer at Citizens Advice, driving the Saturday CB3 volunteer bus from Crewkerne to Bridport and a founder member of the Dorset Red socialist choir.

Ines Cavill - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

All 3 generations of Ines’s family are keen visitors to events in the Marlow Theatre and Allsop Gallery.

Her children have also enjoyed participating in the regular BACstage drama group as well as one-off filmmaking and art workshops.  She has been part of the From Page to Screen film festival committee since 2012 and has developed creative studios at New House Farm & Pottery.

She joined the Board in November 2018 with a particular interest in supporting the Arts Centre’s participation programme, and its capacity to combine inspiring professional creativity with the community engagement that it was founded upon.

Caroline Morgan - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

Caroline Morgan is Chief Executive of Local Food Links, a social enterprise providing great quality school meals to 56 schools across Dorset.  The organisation has grown considerably over the last 14 years and now has 4 large kitchens and employs 50 staff.  Caroline has always enjoyed film and theatre and her youngest daughter, Alice, has been involved with WOW (the Weymouth based youth musical theatre company) for many years.  Caroline thoroughly enjoys being part of the backstage crew at the live shows.  It is a privilege to be a Trustee at Bridport Arts Centre.

Antonia Kehr - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

Antonia moved to Bridport in 2015 having lived and worked in San Francisco for 20 years.  As the owner of The Bookshop, Bridport’s only independent bookshop specialising in new books, she is keenly interested in the rich cultural, artistic and literary life of the area.

Upon moving to Bridport Antonia first became involved with the BAC through The Bridport Prize and was pleased to accept a nomination to the Board of Trustees in 2018.

Gillian Fearnyough - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

Originally from Liverpool, Gillian moved to Beaminster in 2018 after 15 years working in Bristol, initially as Director of the Architecture Centre and then School Manager for the School of Arts, at the University of Bristol. She currently works part-time as a project manager at the University of Exeter.

Gillian is interested in all aspects of the visual arts, design and architecture with a particular enthusiasm for the contemporary. Drawn to Dorset and the Bridport area by the vibrant arts community, and the sea, she is delighted to have the opportunity to support the Arts Centre’s ambitions.

Rowan Prescott Hedley - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

Rowan’s pronouns are she/they. A passionate activist for accessibility and inclusion, Rowan is a founder of DT4Equality; an intersectional organisation for young people in the Weymouth area. They are a director of Bridge The Gap Facilitators where they put their legal experience to use, as well as their discipline in the arts.
Rowan is a creative herself under RPH Productions. She writes music, poetry, and plays and performs this all often online. Rowan came to BAC with a drive for artistic inclusion, something which she also builds as a trustee of Activate Performing Arts.

Kinnari Saraiya - Director, Bridport Arts Centre

Kinnari graduated during the pandemic in 2020 and has struggled to be heard and supported by art organisations. She has joined the trustee board of Bridport Arts Centre to voice the young graduates that have conveniently been neglected through the crisis.

She has lived and worked in India, United States, Dubai and the United Kingdom and brings with her the experiences and differences in visual arts around the world.