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Film Saturday 8 June, 2024 5:00pm

FINE ART FILM FESTIVAL 5pm film selection

Tickets: £8, £7.20 concs, Friends of FAFF, Sup

Fine Arts Film Festival (UK) present a selection of the finest films made about art and the art world. The programme runs over two days on Saturday 8 June and Sunday 9 June.

FAFF – the world’s largest art film festival – presents over 100 films from 32 countries with a selection shown at the Bridport Arts Centre, many for the first time in the UK.

The films presented are about how art is made, how artists think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill, and our best hope for humankind.

Films in this selection are:

Picturing Life 50mins
This film is a unique cinematic experience that brings artist Sudhir Patwardhan’s painting to life. It explores the various aspects of his work and is structured around his journey as a painter. The film attempts to capture his artistic universe, which oscillates between social and personal woes, by weaving visuals of the city and his home with text and paintings, creating an intimate portrait of life.

Rival 30mins
“Rival” delves into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the world of photography. Through candid interviews with global photographers, the documentary unveils the profound shifts in the creative landscape. As AI blurs the lines between human and machine-generated images, “Rival” invites viewers to contemplate on the brave new world of image generation.

Self Portrait Artist 11mins
Jim Williams is a reclusive artist with a singular obsession: recreating himself, in all mediums. Now nearing the end of his life, he begins to disassemble his ultimate self-portrait, the home where he has lived alone for the past twenty-five years. As Jim removes his likeness, which has been painted, plastered and carved into every corner of the house, the film explores the delicate boundary between an artist’s work and himself. Director Biography – Curtis Whitear 8351dc46cb headshot Curtis Whitear is a filmmaker and writer from Utah, now living in New York City. His recent projects have been supported by grants from the American Documentary Fund, National Public Radio, and The Davie Foundation, among others.

Invisible Landscapes 8.5mins
INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES is a fascinating deep sea exploration, with underwater photography taken to a new level.

Light, Colour & Imagination 7mins
Light, colour and endless imagination: The National Museum of Qatar presents the first installation of Swiss media artist Pipilotti Rist’s work in the Middle East. In an interview from her Zürich studio, the artist describes the inspiration and meaning behind Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You (2022).

XR Programme
Several headsets will be available for viewing in the foyer.

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