Bridport Arts Newsletter
Film Tuesday 12 March, 2024 7:30pm

I Am Urban (18)

Tickets : £6 Adult, £5 concs., £4 Film Society Members

Rescheduled screening from Tuesday 30 January 2024

A hard-living, disillusioned, ex-social worker becomes the unlikely guiding hand to an anarchic joy-riding, drug-taking, thieving, out-of-control, care home kid and his gang of runaway friends. Adapted from Bernard Hare’s acclaimed and eye-opening memoir, Urban Grimshaw and The Shed Crew, I AM URBAN is as gritty, shocking, funny and heart-breaking as the real-life characters who inspired it.

Eleven-year-old Urban Grimshaw doesn’t go to school, he doesn’t read, write, or follow rules. His mother is addicted to heroin and no one knows where, or even who, his father is. He’s always in trouble with the police, but neither they nor the local kids’ home can keep him down. He’s earned the title of Britain’s most runaway child, with an appearance on Crimewatch as proof.

Urban may not have parents to rely on, but he does have The Shed Crew. A gang of disaffected kids aged between ten and fourteen; no strangers to drink, drugs and sex, the crew spend their days sitting around a campfire smoking weed, drinking, or stealing and setting fire to cars. This is all they have; no future, no choices, and no one seems to care…

Chop, a straight-talking, disillusioned ex-social worker who, like many living on the margins of society, has lost hope of a better future and relies on cheap beer, drugs and acerbic humour to get through the days. Another no-hoper, worn down and worn out by the constraints of a failed system. To add to his troubles, a drunken, opportunistic night with Urban’s mother, Greta, proves to be far from the light relief Chop was hoping for, and, somehow, despite his better judgement, he finds himself dragged into Urban’s life too.

Sometimes you can’t just sit back and watch anymore; sometimes, like it or not, no matter the consequences, you have to do what you can to help. The question is who is helping who?



And introducing FRASER KELLY as URBAN