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Film Sunday 30 April, 2023 2:00pm

The Parallax View (1974) (15)

TICKETS: £5 (under 24’s £4)


Perhaps the conspiracy movie. Alan J. Pakula’s nail-biting thriller about an ambitious reporter who’s snooping into an assassination and ends up setting a target on his own head, spooked an already disillusioned America. A precursor to All The President’s Men, Pakula’s The Parallax View is a masterclass of Hitchcockian tension.

We’re in the business of reporting the news, not creating it.

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“Adapting for the screen, whether it be a novel, a stage play, a biography, a historical event or a newspaper article, presents its own particular problems, perhaps more technical, but in no way less intricate than writing an original screenplay. I’ve spent decades ruminating on these issues, without necessarily having reached any firm conclusions, though I do by now, I suppose, have a few tentative suggestions. I’m delighted at the opportunity to visit Bridport to be able to kick some of these suggestions around.”

- Christopher Hampton

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