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Film Thursday 27 April, 2023 11:00am

The Pumpkin Eater (1964) (12)

TICKETS: £5 (under 24’s £4)


Directed by British New Wave virtuoso Jack Clayton, this deeply moving Harold Pinter story confirmed Anne Bancroft’s status as one of the silver screen’s great actresses with her towering performance as a deeply troubled and tormented wife in a sharply observed portrait of a woman – and a marriage – in crisis.

What are you sniggering for? Think it’s funny I suppose because I tell the truth for once.

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“Adapting for the screen, whether it be a novel, a stage play, a biography, a historical event or a newspaper article, presents its own particular problems, perhaps more technical, but in no way less intricate than writing an original screenplay. I’ve spent decades ruminating on these issues, without necessarily having reached any firm conclusions, though I do by now, I suppose, have a few tentative suggestions. I’m delighted at the opportunity to visit Bridport to be able to kick some of these suggestions around.”

- Christopher Hampton

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