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Take Part 28 August - 30 September

What is Beautiful?



Bridport Arts Centre will be hosting an interactive Visual Arts project in the Allsop Gallery, called What Is Beautiful?


  • A series of workshops over the course of 5 weeks, led by local facilitators (more information coming soon)
  • A mini exhibition with reproductions of modern and historical art, including a questionnaire on each piece so members of the public can have their say.
  • The opportunity to submit your own artwork/response to the theme of What Is Beautiful?, either through our submission process (see below) or using the materials provided in the gallery.

Submit your response: What Is Beautiful?

Bridport Arts Centre wants to know what YOU think is beautiful. This can be interpreted as broadly as possible. It may be the way the light shines on a wet road, or the shape of the hills, or just the way someone you love smiles. Or for some people it may raise the question of physical beauty, ageing, or interior and exterior beauty. What does beauty mean to YOU?

Let us know your thoughts, either in writing or in the form of a photo, painting, drawing, object or video, the choice is yours. Or you may have an object or photograph which you find beautiful and perhaps has special memories attached to it. Or it can just be your thoughts on the subject.

Responses will be displayed in the Allsop Gallery over the course of the What Is Beautiful? project, with a finnisage, or closing event at the end of September (date TBC).

Submission Guidelines:


  • Responses can be in any form, including painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, video, photography, or whatever format you choose. Or it may be an object or photograph of something you find beautiful.
  • Please send your response to [email protected] and include your name and a brief description.
  • OR upload an image (or two!) to social media and use the hashtags #whatisbeautiful and #bridportarts
  • One submission per person.

****DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS**** Saturday 9th September

If you have any questions or for more information email [email protected].


What Is Beautiful? will run from 28th August until 30th September.

Gallery Open 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


Image: Batcombe, Dorset, Winter by Catherine Weld