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Dorset Council award funding to Bridport Arts Centre and The Lyric Theatre

We are delighted to announce that Dorset Council have awarded Bridport Arts Centre a grant to support our work, and the work of the Lyric theatre in an exciting new partnership.

Dorset County Council’s Organisational Support Revenue Fund is available to cultural organisations based in Dorset and offers core revenue support to organisations focusing on reaching more people from across our communities and removing barriers to the arts. Bridport Arts Centre will be collaborating with the Lyric Theatre, finding new ways to bring arts and culture to Bridport, supporting artists and championing the creativity of the communities in the town.

Claire Tudge, Director of Bridport Arts Centre said, “We are delighted and so grateful to Dorset Council for this funding. It will allow us to continue to programme exciting and entertaining work for the people who live, work and visit Bridport, and will help us to champion the abundant creativity of our town. We are also really excited about our new partnership with the Lyric Theatre, which is such a dynamic, creative space. This partnership with allow both organisations to learn from each other and grow. Dorset is such a creative County, and we are fortunate to have a council who value this creativity and continue to invest in it on behalf of the local population”.

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