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Rescheduled Events News, March 2021

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, venues have been closed for many months due to Covid-19 regulations, and venues and artists have needed to reschedule – sometimes more than once – to avoid disappointing their audiences.

We have a number of moved dates, which we’re taking this opportunity to let you know about here:

FILM – Schemers                                              Now showing 7.30pm Thursday 27 May, 2021
FILM – Summerland                                        Now showing 7.30pm Thursday 3 June, 2021
JAZZ – Bossa Nova of Getz and Gilberto       Now appearing 8pm Friday 21 May, 2021
JAZZ – The Old Malthouse Band                     Now appearing 8pm Friday 17 December, 2021
MUSIC – Martin Carthy                                     Now appearing 7.30pm Friday 4 December, 2021
MUSIC – The Yoruba Women Choir                Now appearing 7.30pm Thursday 21 October, 2021
MUSIC – Mabon                                                 Now appearing 7.30pm Thursday 28 October, 2021
COMEDY – Kerry Godliman                             Now appearing 8pm Friday 11 February, 2022

Please let us know via [email protected] whether you:

* are able to make the new date(s)
* would like to credit ticket purchases to your account for use at a later date
* have a refund, or
* make a donation with your ticket purchases (in full or part) to help Bridport Arts Centre

To all our customers who have previously received emails regarding these changes, your patience and continued support is much appreciated.

Thank you from the staff team at Bridport Arts Centre.



Picture by Silvia Irwin #Lioness65

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