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Youth Film Club – coming soon

Want to choose films to watch on a big screen? Want to watch amazing movies with your friends, in a Cinema, in Bridport?

Bridport Arts Centre presents our new Youth Film Club for ages 12-25, a space for young people to come together, sharing fun cultural experiences, away from their parents, away from school, away from the pub, a safe space to relax, hang out and watch a movie.

There will be a programme of 7 films from September, on a Tuesday evening, from 6pm. September films are on 7th and 14 but from October 5th they’ll be every two weeks until 30th November.

After this first programme of films you will be able to make requests. Our first programme will include a selection of films ranging from old classics like Some Like it Hot to new comedy like Sorry to Bother You, and award-winning animation such as Persepolis. Avoiding the Hollywood blockbusters, but screening films we can all enjoy.

The age bracket is a guideline, members can bring guests, but the age rating of the films will be non-negotiable, and as a cinema, we will be asking for proof of age at the door. Half the films will be only available to 15+ so Years 14 and under will be offered a reduced membership fee as only half the films are available.

Full details of the film programme and price of membership to be announced shortly.

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