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Theatre Friday 8 March, 2024 7:30pm

The Ballad of Mulan

Tickets: Adult £12, Concs £10 

Woman, warrior, legend. For ten years Mulan disguised as a man, has fought for the Chinese Empire. Now the fighting is coming to an end, one last battle and she will be going home – but can she return to her old life, become a woman again?

A search for identity in a violent world. Commissioned by and performed by West Yorkshire-born British-Chinese actress Michelle Yim, developed with the support and funding from Arts Council England. Produced by the team behind Edfringe Sell-Out ‘The Unknown Soldier’ Grist to the Mill, in collaboration with British East Asian theatre company Red Dragonfly Productions, we bring you the real Chinese heroine that inspired Disney’s animation and live-feature Mulan.  Tulpa Magaine, Adelaide Fringe

Presented by Red Dragonfly Productions and Grist to the Mill Productions

Written and Directed by Ross Ericson      Performed by Michelle Yim

Music by Pearl Yim        Costumes by Elizabeth Cooke    Armour and Weapon by Philip Dell



A powerful exploration of gender, war, and identity, as relevant and timely today as ever. Expect a little humour, a lot of heart and a refreshing focus on the darker aspects of a familiar tale ★★★★

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