From Page To Screen

It’s almost time for Bridport’s annual film festival, From Page to Screen. The festival, which celebrates the adaptation of books into movies, will run from 11-15 April 2018.

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Wed 11 Apr 11:00am
Wed 11 Apr 1:30pm
Thu 12 Apr 5:00pm
Fri 13 Apr 11:00am
Fri 13 Apr 2:00pm
Fri 13 Apr 5:00pm
Fri 13 Apr 7:30pm
Fri 13 Apr 10:00pm
Sat 14 Apr 2:00pm
Sat 14 Apr 2:00pm
Sun 15 Apr 11:00am
Sun 15 Apr 5:00pm
Sun 15 Apr 7:30pm

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